Be redi to find the nearest rediATM with the rediATM Finder application for Android phones.

If you have an Android phone you are able to install the free rediATM Finder app from the Google Play Store. Search for ‘rediATM Finder’ in the Play Store.

The rediATM Finder application allows you to:

  • search for a rediATM with or without GPS being enabled
  • get directions to help you locate a rediATM
  • update rediATM locations so you always have the latest information
  • filter your search criteria based on whether the ATM is at a Financial Institution and/or is available 24/7
  • get a list of the nearest rediATMs
  • see if your financial institution is part of the rediATM network, which means you won't have a direct fee charge at the ATM
  • contact rediATM in relation to the app itself
  • access the rediATM website
  • follow rediATM on Twitter


Disclaimer: 1. There is no fee for the rediATM Finder app, but an Internet connection is required to download the application from the Google Play Store. 2. Data charges may apply to both the downloading of the application and the use of the application on your mobile device. Check with your relevant service provider for more details.