Where is the nearest rediATM?

To find the nearest rediATM you can use our ATM Locator or download the free rediATM Finder app for an Android Phone or iPhone.

How do I contact rediATM?

Use the contact us form to get in touch with rediATM.

What is direct charging?

The Reserve Bank of Australia made a change in March 2009 to the ATM industry.  ATM owners now charge cardholders directly for using their machines.  When a fee is applicable a message will display on the ATM letting you know there will be a charge if you proceed.

If you are part of the rediATM network there is no direct charge for using a rediATM.

Is my financial institution part of the rediATM network?

If you belong to one of these financial institutions, you also belong to the rediATM network.


Can I still use a rediATM if my financial institution is not part of the rediATM network?

Yes, anyone can use a rediATM as long as your card is accepted, although you will be charged a direct charge fee. To avoid a direct charge fee at a rediATM, your financial institution must be partner of the rediATM network.

What is a direct charge fee?

A direct charge fee is what an ATM owner charges a cardholder directly for using their ATMs. To avoid a direct charge fee at a rediATM, your financial institution must be partner of the rediATM network.

I have forgotten my PIN number?

Contact your financial institution.

Will the rediATM locators include BOQ ATMs?

Yes. The web locator, rediATM Finder for Android phones and iPhones include all the rediATMs in Australia.

What does ATM stand for?

ATM is the acronym used for automatic teller machine.

Who do I contact when my card is captured?

Contact your financial institution for any issues with a rediATM, a transaction, your card or the cash dispensed.

Which browsers and devices are supported by this site?

The following devices and browsers are being supported by the rediATM site:


  • Internet Explorer (versions 9, 10 and 11)
  • Chrome (version 31)
  • Firefox (versions 25 & 26)
  • Safari (version 7)

Phones and Tablets

  •  Safari (version 7, including the support for iPhones and iPads)
  • Android Browser (version 4, including the support for Android devices)

The incorrect amount of money was dispensed from the ATM, who do I contact?

Contact your financial institution to lodge a transaction dispute in order for it to be investigated.

What is an EMV?

EMV stands for Europay, MasterCard and VISA, a global security standard for cards with chips.

What security features do rediATMs have?

rediATMs provide a number of  enhanced security features to protect your transactions.

How much money can I withdraw from a rediATM in one day?

You can withdraw up to your daily card cash withdrawal limit, please contact your financial institution to confirm this amount.

What can I do to help protect myself using an ATM?

To help protect you when using an ATM, we have a number of security tips to assist.

Can I change my PIN on a rediATM?

Many cardholders are able to change their PIN at rediATMs. You'll know if you are able to change your PIN at a  rediATM  if you see the 'change PIN' option or you are provided with that option in the ‘Other Services’ option on the screen after you've entered your PIN.

What can I do about card skimming?

The devices used by criminal card skimmers can be very hard to detect.  We regularly check our rediATMs for illegal attachments.  

If there are signs that the ATM has been tampered with or that the card reader or keypad just doesn't seem quite right, please do not to proceed with your transaction and contact notify your financial institution immediately.

If you notice any unusual transactions on your account you should notify your financial institution immediately.

What is card skimming?

Card skimming is the theft of your account data (which is recorded in the magnetic strip on the back of your ATM card). This theft is carried out by criminals attaching electronic card reading devices to the top of the card readers.

Usually, card skimming is supported by a camera or other devices placed over the existing keypads to record PINs as they are entered. Technology can also be used to wirelessly transmit captured data to other devices or criminals waiting nearby. This is why it is so important to cover your hand when entering your PIN.

Stolen card data can be used to duplicate cards and is used with the captured PIN to steal money from bank accounts.