Leveraging the rediATM network

rediATM is one of Australia’s largest ATM networks. It provides our network partners’ cardholders with direct charge free* access to over 3,000 ATMs.

Although all rediATMs display the rediATM logo, you may notice some are co-branded. These are our some of our partner brands. Even though you may not bank with these financial institutions, they are still part of the rediATM network – and as such - you can use the ATM without receiving any direct charge fees*. 

Some of these partner brands include; National Australia Bank (NAB) and Bank of Queensland (BOQ).

To find your nearest rediATM, use the ATM Locator or download the 'rediATM Finder' app.

* Subject to each financial institution’s fee structure.


Author Amanda Tomsic Published 30 April 2014