rediATM provides support to customers affected by flooding in Queensland and Northern NSW

Sydney, 14 January 2011: Cuscal owned and operated rediATM Scheme has today announced that direct-charge fees on ATMs located in the flood affected areas in Queensland and Northern NSW are being waived for a period of two weeks. These changes are being implemented this weekend.

This means that any Australian consumer wanting to take out money from ATMs in flood affected areas in Queensland and Northern NSW will be able to do so without any direct-charge.

Identified flood-affected postcodes are listed on the ATO website. Please note that direct-charge fees will be waived only for flood affected areas in Queensland and Northern NSW.

David Heine, General Manager at Cuscal said, "Many of our customers and their members have been affected by floods in Queensland and Northern NSW. As an industry our thoughts are with all those affected and we're there to support each one of them."

If you are flood affected and your business is outside the flood affected postcodes or if you require any further assistance, please contact us on 1300 650 501 or email

About rediATM
rediATM is Australia's second largest direct-charge free ATM network, with more than 3,500 ATMs around the country. 115 financial institutions, including most of Australia's credit unions, banks including NAB, and building societies, collaborate to provide their collective 7.1 million cardholders to access their money without incurring direct charge fees. The rediATM Scheme is owned and coordinated by Cuscal, a leading provider of transactional banking, liquidity and capital management products.

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