2019-02-26 Armaguard Group acquires Cuscal rediATM Scheme
Armaguard Group announced today the signing of an agreement to purchase Cuscal's physical ATM assets and to take over the management and operation of the rediATM Scheme.
2017-06-28 Suncorp joins rediATM network
Suncorp and Cuscal have today signed a partnership agreement for Suncorp to join the rediATM network from 1 August 2017.
2014-06-25 The national rediATM fleet refresh begins
rediATM has commenced a national refresh of Cuscal-owned rediATM machines.
2014-04-14 Cuscal rediATM partnership with UPI
Agreement provides immediate rediATM access for potential 4.2 billion UnionPay cardholders
Over the last three weeks Cuscal has been working closely with its clients and has successfully migrated their cardholder network traffic onto Cuscal's new payments platform.
Australians consider their health, family wellbeing and love to be the most important measures of their prosperity, over solely their financial status, according to the results of a national survey...
BOQ adds to rediATM network, making it one of Australia's largest
One of Australia's largest ATM networks boasts 8 million cardholders Cuscal owned and operated rediATM scheme is pleased to welcome Wagga Mutual Credit Union into the rediATM network.
rediATM provides support to customers affected by flooding in Queensland and Northern NSW
rediATM is pleased to welcome BOQ into the rediATM scheme. From today, BOQ's 330,000 card linked account holders will have access to Australia's second largest ATM network, without paying direct...
Cuscal, Australia's leading business-to-business provider of wholesale banking and transactional banking services, is proud to welcome Greater Building Society into the rediATM network.
Australian consumers have a reason to celebrate with NAB and Cuscal announcing today they have received interim ACCC approval to join ATM networks.
NAB and Cuscal join forces to deliver customers one of the largest ATM networks in Australia.