About Us

The rediATM network encompasses more than 30 financial institutions and services for over two million Australian cardholders.

This means our partners‘ cardholders can use any of the 1,700+ rediATMs across Australia without receiving a direct charge fee.

Who owns the rediATM network?

Armaguard Group owns and operates the rediATM network. Together with our network partners, we are committed to delivering a safe, secure and convenient ATM channel for cardholders.

Looking for a rediATM?

To find your nearest rediATM, use the rediATM Locator or download our free ‘rediATM Finder‘ application available for Android phones and iPhones.

Disclaimer: 1. rediATM partner cardholders, may incur individual account charges from their own financial institution. Contact your financial institution for more information. 2. There is no fee for the rediATM Finder app, but an Internet connection is required to download the application. 3. Data charges may apply to both the downloading of the application and the use of the application on your mobile device. Check with your relevant service provider for more details.