About Us

The rediATM network will be decommissioned by the end of 2021, and in most instances replaced by the atmx by Armaguard network.

atmx by Armaguard network includes more than 2,100 ATMs in convenient high street locations right across Australia.


Is my Financial Institution part of the atmx by Armaguard network?

atmx welcomes cardholders from the following institutions to use atmx direct charge fee-free* for withdrawals and balance enquiries: ANZ, Bank of Queensland, Suncorp Bank, ME Bank, Virgin Money, Warwick Credit Union, Orange Credit Union, BNK Banking Corporation, Horizon Bank, Broken Hill Community Credit Union, Central West Credit Union, Police Credit Union, GMCU, Police Bank, and Central Murray Credit Union Limited.


atmx gives you freedom

With 2,100+ machines Australia wide, atmx ensures you have the freedom and flexibility to access your cash whenever, and wherever you are. All safely backed up by over 80 years of experience from Australia’s most recognised and trusted cash provider, Armaguard.


What is atmx by Armaguard?

A brand-new united national ATM network, atmx by Armaguard offers 2,100+ devices across the country owned and operated by Armaguard Group. Offering maximum convenience with high street locations throughout metro and regional centres, atmx is the go-to 24/7 cash withdrawal/deposit hub for all.


Looking for an ATM?

To find your nearest atmx, please go to the handy atmx locator.