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3,800 ATMs and counting

BOQ adds to rediATM network, making it one of Australia’s largest

Sydney, 17 June 2011: rediATM’s claim to be one of Australia’s largest ATM networks was boosted today with the addition of 400 new ATMs into the network through a deal brokered by rediATM participant, BOQ, with ATM Solutions Australasia Pty Ltd (a wholly owned subsidiary of Customers Limited) (‘Customers’). Under the agreement, Customers will supply and manage more than 400 ATMs to BOQ, which will operate under the rediATM brand.

The agreement will increase the number of rediATMs to more than 3,800 across Australia. It will also see rediATMs rolled out at the majority of BP Australia’s owned and operated service stations.

rediATM is a unique collaborative effort of more than 100 card issuers*, including the majority of Australia’s credit unions, who cooperate to offer a large direct-charge free ATM network to their cardholders. BOQ joined the scheme in September 2010, bringing 260 ATMs into the network at the time.

David Heine, General Manager at Cuscal said, “This agreement is fantastic news for all rediATM scheme participants as it again boosts the coverage of this direct charge free ATM network for cardholders.  We are especially delighted that we will continue to see rediATMs in high convenience locations such as BP service stations.”

“The rediATM network truly punches above its weight in terms of offering reach and accessibility to cardholders. We have one of the largest ATM networks in the country, and one of the best presences outside of the mainstream metropolitan areas.  In Queensland we are the largest direct-charge free ATM network,” David said.

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