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Greater Building Society joins rediATM network

Sydney, 05 May 2010:¬†Cuscal, Australia’s leading business-to-business provider of wholesale banking and transactional banking services, is proud to welcome Greater Building Society into the rediATM network. Greater services 250,000 customers who will have access to Australia’s second largest ATM network, without paying direct charge fees, from 1 June.

106 card issuers are now a part of the rediATM scheme, taking advantage of a “direct charge free” network for their cardholders. This represents 7.7 million cardholders in Australia.

Adrian Lovney, General Manager, Cuscal said, “The rediATM network is the second largest in Australia and has some of the best coverage in regional and remote areas, as well as metropolitan centres.”

“We are delighted to welcome Greater into the network, and envisage that the move will be of great service to its customers in helping them access their money anywhere within Australia, without direct charge fees,” said Mr Lovney.