News Releases

Issue Impacting Cardholder Services 8th December 2012

Sydney, 9 December 2012:¬†Over the last three weeks Cuscal has been working closely with its clients and has successfully migrated their cardholder network traffic onto Cuscal’s new payments platform. This has been a considerable undertaking and involved many months of planning and preparation in partnership with our clients, given the size and complexity of this project.

Between 10.40am and 1.20pm on Saturday 8th December Cuscal experienced an intermittent outage on its new payment platform which impacted a number of its customers and their cardholders, who in some cases experienced declined transactions at point of sale and at the rediATM network.

Cuscal sincerely apologises for this outage which understandably has caused considerable frustration both for our clients and their cardholders. Any residual cardholder impact will be resolved shortly.

The problem that led to this incident is related to the database software underpinning the switch and has now been contained and resolved.

Cuscal’s ongoing priority will be ensuring that there is minimal disruption to client networks and member services. In coming weeks Cuscal will continue to closely monitor its payments platform and work closely with its clients to identify and resolve any further network issues in the unlikely event that they arise.