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Wagga Mutual joins the rediATM network

One of Australia’s largest ATM networks boasts 8 million cardholders

Sydney, 14 June 2011: Cuscal owned and operated rediATM scheme is pleased to welcome Wagga Mutual Credit Union into the rediATM network. This will allow members of Wagga Mutual to access 3,400 ATMs across Australia. The move is part of Wagga Mutual’s merger with Community CPS Australia, which became official on 4 June 2011.

David Heine, General Manager at Cuscal said, “We are delighted to welcome Wagga Mutual Credit Union members into the network, and envisage that the move will be of great service to its customers in helping them access their money anywhere within Australia without paying direct charge fees.”

“The rediATM network has arguably one of the best ATM coverage in Australia, with ATMs located in regional as well as metropolitan areas. This is in keeping with our objective of developing the network to offer greater choice, accessibility and convenience to our customers,” David said.

Cuscal’s rediATM sub-network was developed to service its tier two financial institution clients, including many of Australia’s credit unions.  This was to mitigate the impact of the Reserve Bank of Australia’s introduction of direct charging in December 2008, which had the potential to increase fees for those cardholders not serviced by a large ‘home’ ATM network.

More than 100 financial institution card issuers are now part of the rediATM scheme. With Wagga Mutual joining the network, rediATM now gives more than 8 million cardholders access to one of Australia’s largest ATM networks, without paying direct charge fees.

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