Our rediATM network has been designed with leading security technology to help protect you from fraud and theft, but there are also some tips that you can use to help protect yourself too.

ATM Tips

Keep an eye out for attachments or devices on card slots or keypads. If something doesn’t look or feel quite right, please report it to your financial institution immediately.
Position yourself so that others can’t see you enter your PIN and always use your other hand, wallet or purse to shield your hand whilst entering your PIN.
Be sure to remember your card, cash and transaction receipt when you leave an ATM.
Be discreet. Standing at the ATM to count or organise your cash is not a great idea. Put your money into your purse, wallet or pocket straight away and head to your next destination.
Be aware of other people around you when you’re using an ATM and report any suspicious behaviour to police or your card issuer.
PIN Tips

Memorise your PIN and never write down your PIN or store it near your cards.
Destroy any PIN notifications from your financial institution after you have memorised your PIN.
Avoid selecting a PIN that consists of your date of birth, postcode, telephone number or simple number sequences e.g. 1234.
Change your PIN regularly.
Do not keep your card and PIN together for someone to find.
Never give anyone your PIN over the phone. Your card issuer will never request this information from you.
Other Tips

Destroy expired bank cards appropriately.
Check your transactions against your bank statements.
Ensure your personal details are up to date with your financial institution, so you can be contacted quickly if any suspicious transactions are detected.